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1.1 Content

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1.5 Legal validity of this disclaimer

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2. Privacy policy

www.jaron-amann.com (www.jaron-amann.de) is an offering of Jaron&Amann Finanzkommunikation und Neue Medien GmbH.

2.1 Scope of this notice

This privacy statement is intended to provide a detailed description of the privacy practices at Jaron&Amann.

2.2 Our commitment to privacy

Our company welcomes you to our website and thanks you for showing a genuine interest in our company, products and services. In visiting our homepage, our primary concern is to protect your personal data during the entire process.

The input, processing and usage of your data conform to local statutory regulations, which are available for review at www.datenschutz.de.

Jaron&Amann cannot be held responsible for links to external content.

2.3 Input and processing of data (or personal data)

Upon every visit to our website, data is stored in a log file for internal system-related and statistical purposes. The following data is stored:

| the website visited after leaving our website
| date and duration of your visit
| data concerning the browser and OS type being used
| the previously visited website

Additional personal data such as name, address, telephone number or email address are not recorded unless submitted voluntarily.

2.4 Usage and forwarding of personal data

If you have provided us with personal data, it will only be used for the technical administration of our websites, to fulfil requests and/or to respond to inquiries. Personal data will not be passed along to third parties.

2.5 Right to information

Upon request, Jaron&Amann will provide you with personal information that is saved on file. Please note that a written request is required (i.e. name, address, telephone number, date of birth).

2.6 Cookies, supporting programmes, active content

No cookies, Java applets, Active X controls or java scripts have been used in our internet offerings.

For safety reasons, we advise you to deactivate these supporting programmes and active contents. In leaving the website by clicking on a link or banner advertisement, there is the distinct possibility of cookies being stored on your computer by the host site. Jaron&Amann cannot be held responsible for the storage of cookies by third-party websites. Please consult the terms of data protection and privacy on using such cookies by our advertising partners.

2.7 Safety instructions

We at Jaron&Amann are dedicated to taking all technical and organisational safety measures with your personal data to limit third-party access. If you wish to contact us by email, you are advised that the safety of any communicated information cannot be guaranteed. We recommend that all confidential data be sent by traditional mail. Please be advised, if an email is sent, email will be the method of response.

2.8 How to contact us

Questions pertaining to these practices or the use of personal information can be directed to:

Finanzkommunikation und Neue Medien GmbH
Leo-Tolstoi-Str. 19a
64297 Darmstadt

Eschborn Office:
Mergenthalerallee 79-81
65760 Eschborn

Phone: +49 (0) 61 96 – 96 95 – 681

Contact: Hubert Amann